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6•26 | high five for friday!

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my new rose gold erin condren life planner arrived this week!  this was actually my second one due to major issues with the first one they sent me.  but it was worth the wait.  it is beautiful.  i’m finishing up with last year’s version and starting this new one next week so i can use it during the academic year (and because i wanted to jump right in!).  click HERE for my detailed review and lots of pics!



i got my spiralizer from amazon this past weekend.  and i’ve been spiraling every veggie in sight!  so far i’ve tried zucchini (my favorite), carrots, and broccoli stems.  i’m going to try sweet potatoes next week.  i ordered this one and i recommend it!  it makes vegetables much more tolerable.


this quote…


my workouts are coming along!  i’m into a summer routine and it’s working…very slowly.  i’m lifting heavier and pushing myself more.  i definitely feel stronger, but it’s still frustrating that things aren’t falling into place as fast as i want.  but i know that it’s consistency that matters.  and with my spiralizer, eating healthy has been a little easier too. 


mine is the middle piece of paper. still have some work to do!

one of the things i wanted to do this summer was work on my handwriting.  in one of my planner Facebook groups, a girl hosts lessons!  she works as a sign maker for trader joe’s so she’s definitely the person for the job.  it’s a lot harder than i thought it would be to clean up my writing.  not that mine is terrible to begin with, but it can always be better.  check out her youtube tutorials HERE.

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