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advice for ordering with Erin Condren 

info on my 2015-16 Erin Condren life planner @ #EClifeplanner

i’ve been buying erin condren products for a short period but i’ve learned a lot. it’s a great company with an amazing startup story. their products really are incredible. i love the format of the vertical planner.  i can’t imagine living without planner journaling now.

new rose gold EC life planner #EClifeplanner #ErinCondren
this beauty took a lot of work to get into my hands.

but the company has had some issues lately though. just go on facebook or instagram and you can feel the anger and frustration.  i’m a part of a couple planner groups and they have been going crazy the past few weeks.  yes, some people are over the top, but i feel bad for most of them.  their customer service stories range from “we’ll take care of this right away” to ignored emails to cookie cutter responses over and over with no real information.

my own recent order came with a lot of mistakes. honestly, i was shocked.  all my other orders were perfect.  of course, i had heard stories but had never experienced it first hand.  but i had always read that their customer service will take care of it so i wasn’t worried.  i sent a quick email to customer service with some pictures attached.  then, i started to notice on different Facebook groups that everyone was having issues with their orders.  then, i got worried because the company had to be overwhelmed.  on the first day of the launch alone, they did an estimated 15,000 orders.  how would they take care of my order?

i had a right to be worried.  i spent a lot of money.  probably too much, to be honest.  i now regret the limited edition planner that i ordered.  i should have gotten the regular one.  much less hassle that way.  and then i’m hearing all of these stories from other people on top of it…

so i waited…  i got a response from someone clearly in a foreign country based on the time that i received messages (middle of the night) and all of the grammar and spelling mistakes.  he wasn’t reading my emails clearly or he didn’t understand.  he was of no help.  so then i did an error report.  i got someone in california, and she immediately took care of the issue.  i was so grateful after the email tag i had played with the guy from the other side of the world.

it was a long ride of over three weeks, but it all worked out okay for me.  {click HERE for my review and info on the new version of the life planner.}  i know there are a lot of other people out there that had it much better and much worse than me.  with that many orders to deal with, i understand that EC was overwhelmed and mistakes were most definitely made.  and yet, i still believe in their products and company.  i’m sure they will learn from their mistakes and become even better as a company.  and at the very least, now i know what to expect at the worst and how to deal with it in the best way.

so here’s some advice if you find yourself ordering from EC:

  • double check your order before you submit – any mistakes are your own since most things are personalized and there are no refunds.
  • think twice on the limited and special editions of the planners (i.e. metallic plated) and go straight for the regular life planner.  it will look better and you’ll have less problems with it.
  • do not, i repeat – do not order the ready to ship planner.  the idea is that you will get your planner with a generic cover and get it fast. then you can go order a free personalized cover later.  but the thing is that it’s not really ready to ship.  the company prints it when they get your order.  you don’t really get it faster and you have to pay shipping on the personalized cover later on.  just order a personalized planner upfront and save yourself the time and money.
  • use a referral code for your first order.  it will get you $10 off and every bit helps.  click HERE if you need one.  it will send you an email with directions.
  • make as few orders as possible because you must pay for shipping each time and it ain’t cheap.
  • be prepared for a wait.  it could be anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks for your order to ship.  this also depends on the time of the year.  the longest wait times will be at launch time (june) and before the start of the new year (december).
  • when you receive your order, look over everything – check all the pages for mistakes, examine your coil, etc.
  • if there is a problem, submit an error report (located on your order page) instead of an email to customer service.  this will go to the place that actually does the orders.
  • send pictures with detailed explanations for each one in your emails to the customer service rep.
  • if you don’t get the response you think you deserve, end it and start a new conversation.  you will get a different person and be able to start over with hopefully different results.
  • now this one may be difficult when you’re upset – while emailing with the customer service rep (sorry, no phone number…), be as cordial as possible while you explain the situation fully.  as they say, you get more bees with honey than with vinegar.
  • don’t give up.  these products cost a lot of money and you’re entitled to your order in perfect condition.
  • talk to other people on Facebook and instagram to see what is working for other customers.  use their ideas.  also, when other people were getting a different and better response than me, i started screenshoting their CS explanations and attaching that to my emails.  it helped.
  • be patient.  no matter if your product comes in perfect condition or if it needs some help, the EC customer service will make it right…or you will make them make it right.

check the erin condren site out HERE if you’re interested and want $10 off your first order. (the $10 off code will be sent in an email after you’ve registered that might go to your spam folder so check there if you don’t get it right away.)

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