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so that happened…

this past friday, i was just going out for some gas and a little bit of groceries.  and then all of a sudden i found myself in the turning lane of a major street staring at my deflated airbag.  the crash only lasted about five seconds, but it was the scariest five seconds of my life.  i sat there replaying what happened in my head, talking outloud to myself.  “i just hit a car.  why was it in the middle of the road like that.  is my nose broken?  what the hell happened?”

i found my phone on the ground and called 911.  i don’t even know what i said to the operator.  the fire department showed up first, immediately going to the woman in the other car.  a stranger came up to my car, opened the door, and coaxed me out. i was shaking and cold even though it was 90 degrees outside. she walked me over to where the firemen were cutting the woman out of the car.  i remember saying to the stranger, “i didn’t mean to hit her.  she came out of no where.”  the stranger told me, “i know.  we all saw it.”  the cop came and talked to me for awhile and put me in his car to get me out of traffic.  i just started calling people i knew.  and then my friend holly and her husband appeared across the street.  they just happened to be passing by.  they stayed with me, cheered me up, and drove me home after my car was towed away.

bye, bye zoe!!! you were good to me.

i felt shaken up but okay at the site of the accident, but as the hours ticked by, i started to feel sore and bruised.  i tried to go to my clinic, but they refused me and sent me to the ER.  i spent nearly five hours there doing x-rays, bloodwork, and a ct scan, and i left with some prescriptions and doctor advice.  these past few days have not been fun, but i’ll be fine.  i was wearing my seatbelt and my airbag protected me.  i ended up with a rash from the whatever is in the airbag, a sprained wrist, bruised knee and foot, and deep tissue bruising across my chest and abdomen.

i keep replaying the crash in my head.  it was really the strangest thing.  it was in slow motion.  my ears were ringing for a few minutes afterward.  it was surreal, just like in the movies.  i don’t remember hitting the airbag at all.  i just remember driving and then panicking as i hit the side of her car.  and in a blink, i was sitting in the middle lane of the road staring at the deflated airbag.  it was just such a weird experience, and i can’t stop thinking about it.  i have a little bit of anxiety driving in town now, but it’s not as bad as i thought it would be.

now i have to deal with my insurance company because apparently the lady at fault’s insurance had lapsed. meaning she had NO INSURANCE at the time of the accident.  it’s a mess, but will hopefully be taken care of next week.  this experience has also kind of ruined my no debt thing.  i’ll have a car payment again.  but there’s nothing to be done about it.  it is what it is.  i’m alive and fine, and that’s all that really matters.

7 thoughts on “so that happened…

  1. Oh my gosh! I’m so glad you’re okay! I follow your blog pretty closely and even though I don’t know you, I feel like I see you every day (if that makes sense).

    I’ve been through something like this and let me tell you, keep a PAPER TRAIL of EVERYTHING! Should that woman get insurance (of course she didn’t have insurance), her company will try to blame you, so keep your wits about you and explain that the police report said she was at fault. They’ll try to confuse you and get you to admit to something, don’t do it!

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