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7•3 | high five for friday!

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first of all, i’m grateful this week.  i was involved in a car accident this past friday.  it was probably the scariest moment of my life, and i’m so grateful that i made it out okay with just some bumps and bruises.  it could have been worse.  it was worse for the woman who caused it.  she’s still in the hospital.  say a little prayer for her!  (bonus! we found out that she DOES have insurance!  yea!)


my mama and middle sister came to visit me and take care of me for a few days after the accident.  i swear, my mama has the biggest heart of any person that i’ve ever known.  she waiting on me hand and foot while i whined and cried about the insurance mess and my physical pain.  again…i’m so grateful.


my birthday order from all the wire finally came!  i love it!  i picked the word “grace” for my bar necklace to remember the many meanings of the word. I also want to remember to accept it, be it, give it, and receive it.

never mind the bruises!


i went to the music in the gardens again at the botanical garden.  this time it was for one of my favorite local bands, strangetowne.  it was SO hot, but only for about thirty minutes.  then the clouds rolled in and it was so nice.  the people-watching was top notch as was the music.


my second hello fresh order came this week.  it came at just the right time too.  the last thing i wanted to do this week was go to the grocery store.  i’ve only had a chance to make the avocado pasta, but the other two recipes look super yummy:

– watermelon farro salad with mozzarella, cucumber and candied pecans
– charred avocado pasta with scallions, tomatoes, and feta
– caramelized veggie skewers with corn relish and couscous

if you’re interested in trying hello fresh, use the code L758TZ when you sign up and check out for $40 off your first box.  i did this and it only cost me $20 to try it out the first time.  it was definitely worth trying!

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