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a weekend away

this past weekend, a couple of friends and i drove over to the metroplex for a few days.  it was so nice to just get out of town for a couple of days to breakup the boredom of summer with some fun and sweet girls.  here’s the rundown…


amber, jennifer, and i arrived in the afternoon to our super modern hotel called the NYLO in irving.  we literally planned like two things for this trip.  this was one and the other one was cancelled the morning we were supposed to do it.  we found the hotel on groupon a few days before we left so i didn’t know what to expect.  it was super cool.  a total adult hotel.  in fact, i think i only saw a couple kids during our entire stay there.  the thing about modern, industrial hotels is there’s no insulation, so be prepared for lots of sounds all the time.

so we headed out to the pool.  we ended up getting some free drinks for the inconvenience because they were setting up a hawaiian party while we soaked in the pool.  i’ll take it!  unfortunately, i promptly spilled mine all over myself and the side of the pool.  typical.


we had decided that one of the things we wanted to do was go to a nice restaurant and then go dancing.  so we went to a cool sushi place called blue fish.  so yummy.  then we took an uber (our first one with a tiny and silent asian man in his bmw.) down to a club called the blue martini in plano.  we started out doing fine.  then something changed…. i said out loud, “we don’t have to drive anywhere!  i’m getting hammered!”

the before picture


and it was downhill from there.  so many beers.  so many free shots from my new bartender friend.  so much dancing.  so many insults during our people watching.  we stumbled out of the club and into the street.  somehow, we made friends with some other girls on the quest for an after party.  they took our picture and then disappeared.  then jennifer ran after the street after a young (like 21 year old) guy yelling at him for info on the after party.  he was kind of horrified and ran from us.  we chased him and the truck he got into.  after we realized that there was no after party to go to, we called our next uber, driven by the kind yasseem.  we grilled him on every possible topic about his life in Jordan, his girlfriend, his job, and where to find a male strip club.  (we were going to see magic mike the next day – that’s the only way i can think of that this last topic came up.)  he took us to the strip of strip clubs before we even realized it and stopped in front of le bare, the male strip club that magic mike was based on.  jennifer was out of the car and banging on the front door before we knew it.  i popped up behind her as the bouncer opened the door, told us it was closed, and shoved a bunch of free tickets for a show next week in our faces.

and the after picture!

we kind of lost our steam after banging on the door of a male strip club in downtown dallas at 3am.  it was for the best that we went back to the hotel and crashed.


the next morning was not pretty.  in fact, it was downright ugly.  the thing about having abdominal bruising from a car wreck is that your guts aren’t quite right for a few weeks.  i don’t know why i thought i could just go balls to the wall one night with food and drinks and late night shenanigans, and it would be fine.  it was most definitely not fine.  i couldn’t even keep down water for hours.  i finally ventured out to the car where i had stashed my upset stomach kit for moments just like this.  i sat around and drank gatorade and saltines and pepto for a couple of hours.

we eventually got ourselves together and had a late lunch at panera bread.  i stuck with soup and a grilled cheese, and it seemed to do the trick.  we spent a few hours shopping in southlake before meeting some friends and family for dinner at cheesecake factory.  i’m so glad i got to see my baby sister while i was there!


i had never been to cheesecake factory and didn’t know what to expect.  holy crap.  so many calories.  such big portions.  it was good though.  because we were stuffed, we stashed our cheesecake in our purses for when we went to see magic mike xxl.  i liked it so much better than the first one (less coked up strippers, more silly nonsense).


we slept in and went for a yummy brunch on sunday morning, followed by an hour or so at the pool.  it was SO hot.  we’re talking over 100 degrees.  the pool was the only place we wanted to be.


but we showered and got ready and headed to the fort worth stockyards.  another place i hadn’t been.  it was not what i expected.  very touristy.  so we spent a little bit of time there and then decided to switch locations.



after some mexican food (because when in texas, you must), we found our way to downtown fort worth and sundance square.  what a cool place!  it was still so hot so we parked it by a water fountain pad and people watched for hours.



we were taking a walk to stretch our legs when we spotted a florescent sign down an alley.  after a quick ride in a creepy elevator to the basement, we discovered a very cool jazz club.  apparently it used to be a speakeasy.  it was air conditioned with drinks and cool music.  that was all i needed to know.



we headed back home on monday but not before stopping at in-n-out, which is my favorite fast food burger.  we don’t have one anywhere near where i live so i’m always on the hunt for one when i’m traveling.

a few hours later (and half of the serial podcast), we were home!

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