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WOW 7•22 | just keep swimming

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it’s been a hot minute since i’ve done a workout wednesday post!

actually…it’s been a lot of minutes.

but i’m back!

almost a month ago, i had a car accident.  it wasn’t a terrible one considering, but i went to the hospital because of the black and purple bruises covering my torso from the seatbelt.  i have pictures, but i don’t want to burn your corneas with those bad boys.

obviously, i couldn’t workout right away, which totally sucked because i was on a freaking roll.  but alas, that all came to a brutal halt, just like my car.

mentally, i wanted to workout after about a week and a half, but it still hurt so i didn’t.  and i waited.  i was also having some pretty serious intestinal issues.  i lost a lot of my appetite.  and then when i did eat, it either came back up or had a really hard trip out, if you know what i mean.  i guess when you crush your intestines with a seatbelt there are going to be some negative effects for awhile.  thankfully, most of that has subsided.  i’ve tried to be careful to not eat anything too out of the ordinary or in large quantities and that’s helped.

i started going to the chiropractor a few days after the accident.  i went to a friend of mine that i trust.  his therapists set me up with cold laser therapy and electronic stimulation right away.  it helped SO much, especially the cold laser.  eventually, i’ve worked up to actual adjustments.

but still i was scared to workout last week.  so i talked to my doctor and then my chiropractic friend.  they both said no strength training or running for now.  my chiropractor suggested swimming!  i don’t know why i didn’t think about that.  so i took a trip to academy and found a suit and some new goggles and caps.  who knows where my old ones are.  and thanks to amazon prime, i have a backup suit coming tomorrow.

i’ve been loving it.  it’s been tough getting back to swimming though.  i realized on the first day just how out of shape i am.  i had to pause for about 15-30 seconds after each length of the pool.  but each day is better.  i’ve kind of figured out a schedule: a rotation of different strokes, some work on my breathing (because i no longer have the lungs of the high school swimmer i used to be), and then sprints at the end ’cause mama loves her HIIT.  it’s been almost two weeks now and i’m still interested in it and wanting to get better.  i want to keep going with the swimming only for a few more weeks before i add in strength training again.  then, i want to work up to maybe 3 days of swimming a week with other workouts in between.

next week will be a challenge because i’ll be in san antonio at a conference for most of the week.  i’ve already scoped out the hotel though.  there is a fitness room so at least i can do some walking and light weights in the mornings or evenings.

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