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july 2015 favorites.

monthly favorites

{favorite beauty items}  

loreal true match lumi liquid glow skin illuminator in golden – this is advertised as a primer, but i like to just add it to my foundation or bb cream.

benefit hoola bronzer – i had thought about buying this bronzer for a long time.  it really is the perfect bronzer color and consistency.  it’s very pigmented so use a light hand!

hello perfume by harvey prince for birchbox – this scent is perfect for the spring and summer.  it’s light and fresh.

{favorite eats}

hello fresh subscription – the recipes are all so unique.  i enjoyed all of them!

this cheesecake.


{favorite reads}

in the summer, i like to read fluff.  it just feels right to keep it light.  (that rhymes!)  so i’ll give you a rundown of a couple of my favorites.  i recommend them, but just remember…pure fluff.

scoring wilder by r.s. grey

with a twist by staci hart

one more shot by victoria denault

{favorite new music, tv shows, movies}

true detective – i’m a little late to the party here, but this show was great!  i’ve only seen the first season of it.  it was scary and fascinating.  i think i want to watch it again because i feel like i missed some things.  when it was over, i had so many questions.  great show though.

the skelton twins – i was surprised that i liked this movie so much.  it came out last year.  it is a little dark, but has some very funny moments.

trainwreck – so so so good!  i had high expectations because i love amy schumer.  she exceeded my expectations.  it was sweet and sad and hilarious.  it was everything i want in a summer movie.

big love this is an older hbo series that i found on amazon prime.  it aired for five seasons.  i watched a couple of episodes every few days.  it started off kind of slow but the story just got better and better.

{favorite words}

{my own favorite posts}

a weekend away

WOW – just keep swimming

san antonio trip in pictures

peek inside my planner | july 2015

{favorite posts from other bloggers}

multimasking 101 by the beauty department

four resolutions of a recovering people pleaser by the storyline blog

why i’m still single…the ugly truth by the single woman

the midsummer panic by the daily tay

you are not invisible by the single woman

are you too emotional? use it to your advantage by the storyline blog

{most memorable moments – the good and bad}

finished up summer school!

cookout with friends for the fourth of july

saying goodbye to friends from work that have moved on to different things.

my new car!


family reunion.

going to the chiropractor.  it really has helped since my car accident.

starting swimming again.


girls’ trip to dallas!


seeing my sister.  however brief, it was good times.


“trainwreck” was so good!  i want to see it again.

lots and LOTS of rain here in the Texas panhandle.  we’re getting sick of it and it’s got no place to go anymore.

using my new Erin Condren life planner.  the new version is SO much better.


work (and fun) trip to san antonio




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