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8•7 | high five for friday!

H54F with a tattooed teacher in texas


i went back to school this week to prep for the new year.  with my new position as the 21st century learning coach (and still teaching), i am required to put in a little extra time.  i have a good feeling about the school year.  lots of good vibes going around…  🙂


working at a title 1 school for at-risk kids, you don’t tend to get an abundance of really great outcomes.  it’s just the way it is.  so this is very cool.  one of my past students is starting at baylor university this year and is getting a lot of well-deserved attention.  laquan is a humble and hardworking individual.  he’s a wonderful example for my current students, and we are all very excited for him.

here’s the play that got him on ESPN:


i got another hello fresh box delivered.  i’ve only tried two of the three recipes so far, but i have liked them both!  i have NEVER been disappointed by any of the recipes i’ve received.  if you’re interested in it, check out and enter the code L758TZ for your first box free!

hello fresh - layered enchiladas
this eventually became layered enchiladas. so spicy but yummy!
hello fresh - orzo with marinated tomatoes and avocado.
orzo with marinated tomatoes, chickpeas, and avocado.


i bit the bullet this week and went to the optometrist.  i don’t know why i hate it so much.  i just put it off and off.  so i ended up getting some new glasses (that i might actually wear) and some prescription sunglasses., which i’m totally digging.


i’ve still been swimming on the regular.  i’m starting to see some differences in my strength in the water.  i tried some strength work and weight lifting this week and that didn’t go so well, but i know there are some changes happening!  i feel great when i’m swimming, and i’m getting better and better.   i want to keep this up. 

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6 thoughts on “8•7 | high five for friday!

  1. very cool about your past student! That should be a huge inspiration to the young men you’ll be working with this year! I love the new glasses. I have prescription sunglasses but only remember to ever wear them at the pool.

    Trish – tales from trish

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