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planner tips for the beginner (and advanced!)

i’m a part of several Facebook groups just for planners.  it’s a movement, people!  (yeah, i didn’t know either…)  check out THIS ARTICLE from business insider magazine about how paper planners are making a comeback in a big way.

my august cover for my #EClifeplanner #ErinCondren
my august cover! love it!

it’s fun to be a part of them even though drama happens just about every day.  that’s what happens when you open the internet to outspoken women who can hide their big fat mouths behind their keyboards.  but most of the time, it’s interesting and really fun.  the women have big hearts along with their big mouths.  and of course, people share their ideas and their planner spreads.  i’ve learned quite a lot in these past few months.  here are all of the things that i can remember that are actually helpful:

  • you must set up some kind of organizational system.  if you have a container store or ikea near you, this may be an expensive process.
  • find the right pens and stick with them.  otherwise you’ll be “trying out” new pens aka buying a crap ton. (my ride-or-die are the pilot g-2s.)
  • write on stickers and labels before you place them in your planner.  (that damn wednesday column gets me every time!)
  • don’t be afraid to change or simplify your style, even when you see those perfect spreads on instagram.
  • watch planner videos on youtube for ideas.  just do a quick search for “Erin Condren life planner” and you’ll hit some good ones.
  • resist the urge to buy ALL the washi and stickers.  focus on washi you know you’ll use over and over and buy functional stickers.
  • plan and THEN decorate.  it is a planner, after all.
  • keep some spare sticky notes on the inside of the back cover.  you never know when you’ll need one!
  • practice your handwriting.  check out “llamas love lettering” on youtube for some great tips.
  • don’t decorate or plan too far in advance.  stick with the current and next week for any heavy planning.  use the monthly view for anything in the future past that point.
  • use a ruler or old plastic card to cut your washi.  (i use an outdated insurance card.)  it’s more precise and quicker than scissors.
  • scrapbook paper and stamps open up a whole new door!
  • before finalizing an etsy order, check their instagram for any coupon codes.  more often than not, there’s one listed in their profile!
  • have FUNction. (get it!  fun + function!  oh, forget it…)

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