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my first trendsend!

i really do like stitch fix, but after my fifth one, i needed a break.  the last couple of boxes just weren’t quite right.  but i have this addiction to subscription boxes…  so when i found out about trendsend, i knew i wanted to try it.  i first heard about it on the small things blog.  it’s technically a company geared toward new or busy moms, but hey, i wanted to try it.  it is tied to evereve, a chain of stores that are not in texas.  the stylists pull from the stores to send you things.

so basically, you fill out a style profile and tell them about yourself (just like stitch fix).  you can also add some pictures and link your pinterest page.  BUT, they don’t charge you a $20 styling fee (at least not yet).  they send you full outfits that are mix and match.  genius!  and their goal is for it to fit in your existing wardrobe.  right up my alley.  the prices are about the same as stitchfix, but they send you about twice as many items.

i miss the pictures that stitchfix sends you of the outfits.  but the notes on trendsend are much more helpful.  they suggest what else you can do with the items and what shoes you can pair with the outfit.  and i like the way that they send you full outfits.  i feel like they really listened to what i wrote in my style profile.  as i tried on the outfits, i thought, these people get me.

peek inside my first trendsend order @
peek inside my first trendsend order

Outfit 1

  1.  grey chiffon tee – the cut is great and very flattering.  KEPT
  2. army jacket – it fit great but it was pretty pricey and i already have one.  SENT BACK
  3. dark flare jeans – these fit great at the top but were way too long.  plus i got some great flare jeans in my last stitchfix that i kept.  SENT BACK
  4. grey rock pendant – super cool necklace!  KEPT

Outfit 2

  1. black and whit lightweight sweater with an open back. KEPT
  2. white jersey tank – i just bought a new one and don’t need it.  (meant to go under the sweater) SENT BACK
  3. skinny grey jeans – great fit and distressed.  KEPT

Outfit 3

blue plaid tunic dress – could be worn as a dress or shirt over the grey jeans.  it was cute, but pricey and i have a blue plaid shirt already.  SENT BACK

peek inside my first trendsend order @
peek inside my first trendsend order

for the things that you don’t want to keep, they provide a bag and shipping label.  you just drop it in a mailbox within five days.  easy peasy.  then you go online, you give a review of each item and tell them what you’re keeping.  they will charge you for the items

overall, i am super impressed by trendsend.  i have already signed up for my next box for next month.  stitch fix is temporarily on hold…because trendsend is just that good.  at least so far.

10 thoughts on “my first trendsend!

  1. You sold me with “you don’t pay anything unless you want something.” I signed up.

    I also love Stitch Fix, but am getting tired of not getting consistently better boxes after nine of them. Time to try something new. Thanks for sharing!

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