personal life

thursday’s thought

so i made an appointment with a financial advisor.  i’ve been putting it off and i didn’t want to, but i finally did it.

let me back up…

this week, we had some financial advisors come to school and speak to us about retirement savings.  in my head, i had a bad attitude about it.  i had other things i needed to do to get ready for the first week of school.  more importantly though, i didn’t want to be reminded about the fact that i’m not where i thought i’d be at this age.  still, i listened even though i didn’t want to and learned a couple of things.  (except the stuff that required math.  i’ll leave that to someone else to figure out.)

i consider myself pretty good with money, but it’s an uphill battle being a single woman with one income to do everything by myself.  in one way, i’m proud of myself and my accomplishments.  i have some specific financial goals for this year, and i’m going to reach them early.  but those are things i probably should have taken care of years ago.  but i was scared to go out on the limb.  and i thought that maybe someone would come along to help me with those goals.  but alas…that hasn’t happened.  and i’ve come to the realization that i need to take charge and do it myself.  i’ve gotten this far alone.  i can keep going.

my thirty first year doesn’t look like what i thought my life would be like.  it’s different.  and that’s okay.  i’m adjusting.  but i can’t hold onto those old ideas anymore.  it only makes me sad and disappointed.  what makes me happy is making a life for myself that i’m proud of and being/becoming a person who deserves it.  and though it brings me joy, it is also terrifying.  i’m up for the challenge though.

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