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8•21 | high five for friday!

H54F with a tattooed teacher in texas


ugh…this week, y’all.  not one for the books.  i wasn’t even going to do it, but i’ve been bad about not doing my high five for friday posts.  i say it’s because i don’t have much going on, but the truth is, i can always find something good that has happened to write about…even if i have to dig deep for it. but it’s funny to look at my stats because they kind of sum up my life lately.  these are some of the terms that people have googled and found me.  the “wild” one is kind of weird though because i just started rereading it a couple of days ago!


i tried my first trendsend this past weekend.  basically, they send you clothes, you try them on, keep what you like, and send back the rest.  you go online and pay for what you kept.  it’s super fun and i’ve been more successful with it than with stitch fix.  next one is due in a month!



we are starting school on monday.  this week was full of meetings and errands and trainings.  i feel excited though.  i want this year to be a good one.  and if there’s anything i learned from last year, it’s that i have to decide that it’s going to be good.


this month’s birchbox was great!  i especially like the dry shampoo and lip crayon.


i am meeting with a financial advisor today.  eek!  it’s not that i’m bad with money.  i just know that i can do better, and i’m not great with criticism.  hope it goes well!  retirement is important, right?  it’s hard to see forty or fifty years down the road…

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