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decorating my EC planner | UPDATE

info on my 2015-16 Erin Condren life planner @ | #EClifeplanner #ErinCondren
about six months ago, i wrote THIS POST on decorating my planner when i received my first EC planner.  i was hungry for ideas and i soaked up as much new info as i could get my hands on.  since then, i’ve discovered more planner peeps on instagram and Facebook groups.  (my favorite groups are: We Love EC and Planners Gone Wild – Uncensored.)

i’ve changed my style, especially after i got the new version of my planner.  i’m doing less decorating – and liking it.  i still use washi and stickers, just with more purpose now.  i’m experimenting with lettering and drawing.  i’m also still getting lots of inspiration from instagram like…

 here is an updated list of my favorite etsy shops –

favorite etsy shops for stickers and more:

  • stationstickers – this is one of my favorite shops.  not only does she have the best customer service, she ships super fast.  her stickers are adorable, and she’s always willing to do special orders.  i’ve bought the most stickers from this shop.
  • alex studio – my second favorite etsy shop.  this shop has really modern stickers that fit perfectly in your planner.  there are a lot of “daily activity” stickers but also some quirky ones like cats in hats and cake.
  • plannerkate1 – this shop is where i ordered my dashboard (mainly for weekly to-dos).  there are also a bunch of really adorable stickers.
  • kadyplansit – this shop has really original stickers for your planner.  i ordered some tiny notebook paper sheets that fit in the weekly boxes for my school to-do lists.
  • karolinaskrafts – this shop has such cute stickers.  there’s a huge variety too.
  • lillie henry – this shop has fun and simple every day stickers.  but be warned, shipping from this shop takes weeks, and her prices are higher than other shops.
  • oh hello stationary – adorable.  probably my favorite shop right now.

favorite places to find washi tape and colored pens:

  • danika58 – this etsy shop has some interesting washi for a decent price.  it ships from japan so there’s some travel time involved.
  • prettytape – another etsy shop with beautiful washi.
  • silent poetry arts – this etsy shop has really unique washi tape.
  • office depot – the best pens.  ever.  i can lose an hour in office depot easy.  i usually go for the unibal signa gel pens and pencilmate flair pens.
  • target – for pens and washi.  target carries the scotch tape brand of washi, which is the best washi in my opinion.
  • michael’s, hobby lobby, and walmart also have some washi but it’s hit or miss.  sometimes i can find really cute washi at those places though!  michael’s and hobby lobby have occasional sales too.

it’s still a little messy and i’m figuring some things out, but here are some examples of some recent pages:

check out my erin condren referral link HERE if you’re interested in an EC life planner and want $10 off your first order. (the $10 off code will be sent in an email after you’ve registered that might go to your spam folder so check there if you don’t get it right away.)

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