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august 2015 favorites.

monthly favorites

{favorite beauty items}  

tarte showstopper palette – so beautiful!  it has a highlighter, bronzer, blush, and 6 eyeshadows.  it’s all i’ve been using lately because the colors are so perfect and it’s extra easy to have everything in one place.

morphe M438 foundation brush -where has this brush been all my life!! wow! this brush is amazeballs. it blends out my foundation quickly and perfectly.

real techniques sponge – i like this sponge better than the beauty blender. eek! yeah, it’s that good.

{favorite eats}

greek salad with noodles – the base of this salad is zucchini noodles.  it is super yummy!

overnight oats – i’ve tried a couple of variations, but this one is my favorite.

{favorite reads}

after reading fluff all summer, i needed to refocus for the fall.  so i decided to reread some of my favorites…

wild: from lost to found on the pacific coast trail by cheryl strayed – i read this book last year and am rereading it.  i started crying in the second chapter one night and i knew that this was the book i was supposed to be reading right now.

sense and sensibility by jane austen (marvel version) – this is one of my favorite books, and i’ve read it many times.  this version may be my favorite.

{favorite new music, tv shows, movies}

fear the walking dead – i bought the season pass off of amazon prime so i can watch it on schedule.  so far so good!  i’m enjoying the different scenery, perspective, and story.

one tree hill – i guess i was feeling nostalgic in august with my books and movies because i started rewatching this series on netflix.

the longest ride – i thought the movie was actually better than the book.  such a sweet story.

the new strangetowne album is so good!  check it out on iTunes.

the lore podcast – this show is so interesting.  the episodes are about 30 minutes long.  they each focus on a different myth or folktale that people believe in, and they delve into the real history.  each story surprises me!

{favorite words}



{my own favorite posts}

peek inside my planner | august 2015

decorating my EC planner | UPDATE

classroom tour 2015-16

my first trendsend!

planner tips for the beginner (and advanced)

thursday’s thought – finances.

{favorite posts from other bloggers}

10 things you can only learn by having your heart broken by the single girl

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{most memorable moments – the good and bad}

starting a new school year with a new position as the 21st century learning coach!

my classroom before the first day.

you gotta have a sense of humor about going back to school!


dealing with the insurance over my car accident  it’s not even my company since it wasn’t my fault.  i get so many different stories from people, and i worry that i’m going to be one of the terrible stories you hear about.  but hopefully i get it all wrapped up in september.  😦

fun at the lake!


new album from one of my favorite local bands!

i applied for grad school at the university that i graduated from.  eek!  it is scary and exciting.  i’m going for a masters in education with an emphasis on curriculum and instruction.  i start in the spring!


i am still loving hello fresh!  all of the recipes are wonderful.

i’m still swimming and loving it!

i received a bonus at work…and set it right aside for my home down payment.


fear the walking dead premiered this month.  i was worried when i started reading the reviews.  but i was pleasantly surprised.  i actually love it.  it’s so interesting to see a different perspective on the epidemic.  i bought the season pass on amazon prime since i cut the cord a couple of months ago.

sometimes you just need to have serious conversation with friends and get out your feelings and reset the friendship.  i did that this month and it helped me so much to put a few things to bed and move forward.

loved my first trendiness!  i already have another one coming in september.

i set up a retirement fund and some investments.  this was a HUGE step for me.  i don’t like to look that far into the future, but it needed to happen.


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