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9•11 | high five for friday!

H54F with a tattooed teacher in texas


it’s hard to believe that it’s been fourteen years since 9/11.  i remember almost every minute of that day, and i know i’ll never forget it.  i’m always surprised by the students that i have that don’t understand it because they were so young when it happened.  it changed our country forever, and we still feel its effects.  america, you got some problems, girl.  but we still love ya.

i love this picture i captured at the rodeo this past weekend.  i know i’m reading into it, but it’s like the rider reflects our determination as americans to make our lives and country better.


some of my family came in for the rodeo this year.  it was fun to take my middle sister, who loves the rodeo.  she was excited and impressed by everything.  it was also good to show my parents around where i work and share that with them.


my baby cat, luca, got sick this past weekend.  he just stopped eating.  he’s done this before a couple of years ago so i knew after the third consecutive day that i needed some help.  i took him to the vet on tuesday.  he got some shots and medicine after some x-rays to check his tummy.  luckily, he got better almost immediately.  i love that feisty little furball! 


i’m going back to school, y’all! my school district is paying for most of it, luckily. i’m going for a masters in education with an emphasis on curriculum and instruction. i’m so excited!


this friday is our rival football game, during which we are honoring one of our coaches who passed away a few years ago.  he was an amazing guy! i wrote about him on wednesday.  if you’re interested in contributing to his memorial scholarship fund, click HERE

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