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9•25 | high five for friday!

H54F with a tattooed teacher in texas


i got to see my old friend jessica this past weekend.  she moved away recently, and i’ve missed her so much!  she’s my artist friend, and we would always do artistic things.  so it seemed fitting that we met up at a glassblowing party.

top left: glass fashion show. top right: the guest artist starting a piece. bottom: middle and end of the piece.


every time i get my hair cut, my hairstylist straightens my hair just because.  i’m obviously not going to do it.  it’s always weird to see it because my hair is always curly.  it’s also weird that it didn’t used to be.  up until 11, my hair was straight as a board.  now, it’s all curly cues. 


the fair is in town.  it’s not my favorite thing and tends to be a money pit, but i decided to go this year with my cousin and her husband and daughter.  i was ready to go at the end of the three hours as the heartburn kicked in from all the fried food and sugary sweets.  but it was fun!

my cousin’s daughter’s fair loot!
she was way too good at all the games.


i had two important meetings this week…and i crushed them both.  it feels good to succeed (and even excel).  it was good for my self-esteem and is validation that i’m on the right path!


this ryan adams album came out on monday.  i got into ryan adams when most people do: as a moody, lost and often drunk college student.  but i’ve kept  up with him.  his last album, lucky now, is one of my favorites.  i didn’t think this taylor swift cover album was a real thing at first, honestly.  it’s kind of a weird idea.  and turns out, it’s kind of a weird album.  but in the best way possible!  i cannot stop listening to it. 

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