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the fall favorites tag

fall is definitely my favorite season.  school starts, pumpkins, sweaters, turkey, cooler nights.  what’s not to like?  so one of my favorite youtubers jaclyn hill came up with the fall favorites tag and since i am having a hard time focusing on blogging, this might be fun to mix it up and incorporate my love for fall.  her video is below and i’ll have my list below that!

(seriously, i need ideas… i’m fresh out!)

Favorite Candle | anything woodsy.  i tend to just grab whatever is near me that’s outdoorsy and warm.

Favorite Lip Color | i love a good nude lipstick, but a little color never hurt anybody in the fall.  i’m liking this revlon colorburst balm stain (love the whole line, by the way) in adore.  it’s a pretty berry shade and it’s comfortable to wear all day.

Favorite Drink | apple cider or eggnog.  it’s not that i don’t like pumpkin spice latte.  i’m a basic white girl after all.  but after one, i’m good for the season.

Favorite Blush | this matte blush from milani in romantic rose.  it’s so pretty and pigmented.

Favorite Clothing Item | scarves!!  i am on the hunt for a great blanket scarf because i’ve been lusting over them for a year.  and booties!  how could i forget booties!

Favorite Fall Movie | hocus pocus, hands down.  i can’t stand scary movies, but this one is fine.  it’s fun and not too scary (even for my adult self).

hocus pocus

Favorite Fall TV Show | scandal and the walking dead. i’m obsessed.

Favorite Thanksgiving Food | turkey with stuffing and gravy.  i can’t pick one.  it is this particular combo.

Favorite Halloween Costume | that one time i was a ballerina and it snowed.  my other favorite was when i went as a ceiling fan.  it was about ten years ago.  i’ve never been into the slutty halloween costumes, but i’m all for funny ones.  i made a shirt that said “go ceilings!” and carried pompoms and a sign.  it was ridiculously fun.

celiling fan

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