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10•16 | high five for friday!

H54F with a tattooed teacher in texas


oh my gosh, you guys.  i haven’t been kidnapped.  but my macbook was…by the repair shop.  it took me two weeks to get my baby back!  i feel bad using my work laptop for non-work stuff, and i hate blogging from my phone so that’s why i’ve been missing.  i’m so glad to have a new hard drive and to be back in business.  i’ve got a lot to catch up on, like those monthly favorites and planner updates…  



i’ve been wanting to share these prints.  they’re from a local artist from my town.  i’ve kind of fallen in love with creative lettering.  i’ve been practicing my handwriting and trying out new lettering in my planner.  i recently ordered a journalling bible and i’m going to give that a whirl too.  anyway, these prints are gorgeous and are already framed and all over my apartment.  {if you want your own – and they’re very reasonably priced – go to}



school has been super duper busy the past few weeks.  homecoming has come and gone along with the first six weeks.  even though it’s been hectic, it’s been good.  i feel challenged, and i’m enjoying it.



i got my october birchbox, and after a long drought of disappointing boxes, this one was a winner.  the box itself was gorgeous, and i like everything inside it!



my mama finished my beautiful black and white birthday quilt.  it’s huge, which i love.  so big that i’m going to need a bigger bed.  but oversized quilts are my fave.  here’s a close up.  nope, that random blue square is not a mistake.  i always like when she makes a “mistake” on purpose.  there’s a tiny blue square on the front and then a bigger one on the back.  it gives the quilt character…and it drives her crazy, which is the better reason.  🙂


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5 thoughts on “10•16 | high five for friday!

  1. I’ve been subscribing to Glossy Box. A few of them have been great! The others, not so much. I hate it when I get a dud of a box after paying so much money. The risk you take I guess.

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