healthy living

fail to plan, plan to fail.

i’m having the hardest time staying focused on my health goals lately.  i know what i want and how to get there, but staying on the path to those goals has been a challenge.  and with the holidays coming up, i definitely want to get it under control now.

i try to stick to a schedule and i’ll do well for the first few days of the week, but then i get tired…and the excuses come pouring out of me.  by thursday, i all but give up.  then i start fresh on monday full steam ahead.  but the same thing keeps happening…

i see it.  i’m not oblivious to the fact that i’m making mistakes and giving up.  i’m not surprised that my clothes are fitting tighter.  i’m not shocked when i see pictures of myself and notice the changes.

i feel like i’ve lost my motivation again.  in a lot of ways, things are going well for me.  school is great.  i’m busy but loving it.  i’m over my cold and feeling physically better.  i have time to devote to meal planning and exercise.  i’m just not doing it like i should.

so i’m just going to take it week by week.  i’m going to plan a few days of swimming (and actually show up) and workout for at least thirty minutes a day on the other days.  this week, i’m going to shoot for working out 5 days.  i’m going to watch my portions and make healthy choices.  it’s not hard to do.  i just have to do it.

6 thoughts on “fail to plan, plan to fail.

  1. I was just complaining to my husband tonight that I have no motivation and know that I am failing in keeping up the pounds. I want to work out, but when I get home I am fried from school. I try and get up early, but gosh 4:30 am sucks! I have time to meal plan but just don’t do it. If you get any tips and tricks I would love them too.

    1. I’m right there with ya, girl. I tried the 4:30 am thing and it did NOT work for me. Mama needs her sleep! So I come home from school and change clothes and put my shoes on immediately. That way I can’t use the excuse that I’m tired. My goal is 30 min of activity a day, whether it’s walking or swimming or doing a workout off YouTube. If I go over the 30 min great, but I’m just trying to meet the minimum right now. I’ll work back up from there. Podcasts and music help me when I’m working out too. I have an accountability partner, but her schedule is busy right now and she can’t really do it so I’m kind of on my own. But if you can find someone to text that will tell you to workout and be encouraging and call you on your excuses, it’s a great thing to have!

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