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listen here.

i discovered podcasts in college and listened from my computer while doing other things.  now i just download them onto my phone and whenever i’m driving by myself or walking long distances, i’ll turn one on.  here are my favorites:

(warning: i have eclectic taste in podcasts.)  also – i’ve linked the iTunes page for each podcast, but most of them are available on soundcloud as well.

lore – this one is about 20 minutes long.  each episode focuses on a different folklore or urban legend around the world.  it’s fascinating from an anthropological standpoint.  most of the time i get legit chills from each episode.

serial – this is a popular series that covers court case from the late 1990s.  it’s been criticized for being too sympathetic to the boy (now a man) at the center of the case.  but i see the reporter as being fair.  she covers all sides and is a great storyteller.

guys we f*cked – this podcast is not for everyone.  if you like dan savage, you’ll like this one.  after a particularly bad breakup, a comedian and her good friend decided to interview ex-boyfriends to find out what went wrong and to learn from it.  then as time passed, they started also interviewing all kinds of “experts” in different fields of relationships.  the girls are funny and brutally honest.  i don’t miss an episode.

on being – each episode highlights a different person.  the topics vary but they’re usually related to faith, art, science, or education.

stuff mom never told you – i don’t really call myself a feminist per se, but i do like to celebrate women’s issues.  each episode covers a different topic related to women.

risk! – this is actually a live show that travels the country.  people get up on stage and tell embarrassing, real, heartbreaking, and funny stories.  i’m pretty much guaranteed to cry (or laugh until i cry) during each episode.

this american life – this npr series tells different stories about american issues.  they’re about an hour long and are absolutely fascinating.

the jillian michaels show – i love her.  she gives great advice whether its about health or relationships.

stuff you missed in history class – being a history nerd, this podcast is fun.  they chose to highlight obscure stories, hence the name.  i usually know some background on the stories as i listen to them, but the stories themselves are always new to me.

stuff you should know – this is from the same company as the previous podcast.  instead of history, it focuses on current issues.

the fighter and the kid – this is another one that is not for everyone.  the hosts are a former ufc fighter and a comedian who discuss different mma fights and news stories.  the guys are friends and are super entertaining.

got any recommendations??  leave them in the comments!

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