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10•23 | high five for friday!

H54F with a tattooed teacher in texas


hey, look at me…  i’m blogging again!  haha!  even though i only got in three posts this week, that’s better than nothin’!  i didn’t realize i missed it so much.


my goal from the first of this week was to workout thirty minutes a day.  i met that goal.  i’m going to continue it for next week until i can get back in the groove.  i realized this week that i’m kind of out of shape…already.  it was only a couple of weeks and yet it happened.  weird how it sneaks up on ya, isn’t it!  anyway, i feel better.  way better actually.  just gotta keep going!



we are a fourth of the way through the school year!  i spent twenty minutes celebrating by printing some more education memes for my bulletin board.  🙂


i got some more prints in the mail.  this time i ordered from natterdoodle.  they are adorable!  she doesn’t have a huge selection, but she’s always putting up new prints on her site.



i tried out bible journaling this week in my new journaling bible.  it was harder and easier than i thought.  i enjoyed it though.  it was soothing and meditative.  i wrote up something for next week about it so stay tuned!

bible journaling with the tattooed teacher in texas
my very first attempt!

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8 thoughts on “10•23 | high five for friday!

  1. Way to go on accomplishing some of your goals this week. I love educational memes. I throw them out in my class periodically. The kids really seem to enjoy them.

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