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my intro into bible journaling

i remember watching my parents at church writing in their bibles.  they would write all up and down the sides of the pages in tiny letters.  i’ve always been a notetaker too.  when i first discovered bible journaling several months ago on instagram, i was intrigued.  after being fully embedded into the planner community for six months, i was constantly looking for creative outlets.  i wanted to know more about this offshoot so i followed some hashtags and found a few people to follow.  here are my favorites:

 favorite hashtags: #illustratedfaith #journalingbible #biblejournaling #artjournaling

bible journaling with the tattooed teacher in texas
my first attempt! i was scared to write in it like this so i feel like i held back. next time will be better.

i had some questions about bible journaling before starting.  some people hate it and are very vocal about it.  they think it’s disrespectful to the word of God.  i can see where they’re coming from.  but the art was so intriguing to me.  i was unsure so i did some research and found some answers that satisfied me.  illustrated faith is the place where i found the most useful and thorough information, but there are lots of blogs out there that explain different perspectives on the craft.  i hope this is useful to others who are interested in it!

are there specific bibles for this purpose?
yes!  search for “journaling bible” on amazon and you’ll find a few.  this is the one i ordered.  they’re making more in the next few months so be on the lookout!  journaling bibles have two columns: one for the text close to the center spine and one that has faint lines on it on the outside.

is it disrespectful to write in my bible in this way?
it’s your bible and your relationship with God.  so it’s between you and him and his book.  for me, its a way to worship and meditate on the word.  i have a complicated relationship with “religion”, but my relationship with God is personal and very real.  i find bible journaling is a way to connect with Him and myself.

is it okay to cover the text?
again, it’s up to you.  i don’t aim to cover the text but if it happens, it happens.

is this going to be my only bible?
no.  i have a message bible that i love to read from because of the translation.  this one is a journal first.

is the paper thick enough to handle it?
in journaling bibles, yes.  it’s still thin, but not like a standard bible.  be lighthanded with the paint and let it dry fully, and it should be okay.  test out different techniques on the title pages of different books of the bible.

what supplies do i need to start?
i haven’t ventured into paint yet, but i see that in my future.  watercolors and pigment ink pens will be first on the list.  but before that, stickers, colored pens, pencils to outline first, eraser, colored pencils, washi tape, decorative paper, and markers.

these girls on instagram are amazing.  mine will never look that good…
nope, probably not.  🙂  but it’s personal after all.  plus, those girls are legit artists.  and i have different talents.

15 thoughts on “my intro into bible journaling

  1. Being jealous of your handwriting aside, I think you’d loooooove water coloring for journaling. I do some water color journaling for project life and the outcome is cool after some practice. You should check out Sandra Amelia’s Instagram, starsinpalm. She does amazing stuff with water colors that seems right up your alley.

    Also, long comment is long. Sorry. Haha.

  2. I just discovered bible journaling about half an hour ago – hehe. It looks amazing. I think this is the bible reading method I’ve been looking for that I never knew existed. It’s opened up this whole world of possibility and excitement where I can combine writing and drawing with reflection – wow, I’m so excited.

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