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WOW 10•28 | and we’re back again.

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i’m starting up my WOW posts because i need it.  i need to reflect and figure out why i keep messing up big time.  i know little mistakes and slip-ups will happen.  that’s life.  but these huge sidesteps and reroutes are ridiculous.  and the thing is i know i’m doing it.  i’m just letting it happen.

i was doing pretty well there for a while once school started.  and then i got sick.  it was just a little cold and was really only bad for a couple of days.  but the congestion and drainage lasted for almost three weeks.  it makes it difficult to workout when you’ve got snot running down your face or your literally choking in the water during a swim.  not fun…

but then i got better and i thought that everything would just go back to being on-track.  nope.  not even a little bit.  i would do okay during the school week, but then the weekend would hit and i would totally fall apart.  and that’s how it’s been since mid-september.  it’s so stupid because i’m aware of it.  i know i’m messing up, and i just let it go.

and the pounds just creep back up.  and the muscle grows soft again…

last week, i set myself a goal of a minimum of 30 minutes of activity five days a week.  and last week, i made it.  now, i’m just going to take it slow and steady, moving up the minutes each week and being consistent.  with the holidays coming up, i can’t be too hard on myself because i know i’ll indulge and enjoy myself from time to time.  but at the same time, i can’t be too lenient either.  the holidays last for a few days each month, not the entire month.  what i can do is get back on that {health} horse when those few days are over and move on.

i’m still swimming about two days a week and have started a new fitness blender program that specializes in 30 minute workouts.  now to get my food back on track…

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