random crap

thursday’s thought

 in so many ways, things are going really well for me.  but i still find ways to be negative for no real reason.  whining because i didn’t get my way or that i can’t do it my way.  talking down to people (usually behind their back) because i think i’m better than them in some way.  complaining when i should be grateful.  getting worked up over things that i can’t change.  all it does is create stress for me and other people.

it extends to self-talk too.  talking badly about my body because it doesn’t look the way i want it to.  limiting myself academically and professionally because i lack the confidence to stand up for myself.    convincing myself that i don’t deserve certain things for my life.

it does no good.  in fact, it has nothing but negative effects.  but kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.

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