the perfect mascara mix! well…for me anyway.

ever since i started wearing mascara in middle school, i’ve been searching for the perfect one. until now, it has been illusive.  i started with maybelline great lash. (didn’t all middle school girls??)

as I grew older, i started trying different formulas. i bought high end mascaras and just about every one in the drugstore, but i’ve never found the right one. and i have finally discovered why. i’m high maintenance with makeup. i could care less about my hair and usually only spend about five minutes on it. but makeup? that takes a little more time…

these three drugstore mascaras form the trifecta of perfect lashes. first, i use the loreal voluminous million lashes in waterproof for a thin first coat on my top lashes. it helps the lashes hold the curl and it’s not terrible to take off at night. by the way, don’t even try the regular one. it’s garbage. then, i use the maybelline the rocket to finish up my top lashes. it’s volumizing but not clumpy. i hate spidery lashes. finally, i use the maybelline lash discovery mascara on my bottom lashes. that little brush is awesome.  it gets right up in there.  i swear…just try it.  this combo is the best.

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