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11•6 | high five for friday!

H54F with a tattooed teacher in texas


i’m leaving today for a quick trip to dallas to see my little sister.  we have a long list of things to do but it’s going to be so fun.  i haven’t taken so much as one day off yet this school year, and i need a break! IMG_2057


my cousin’s bday was this week.  of course, i found an embarrassing picture to post on instagram.  it’s like tradition now.  🙂  i went out to an amazing dinner with her and her family and some of her friends.  it was perfect.  the food was great and the wine even better.  HBD lala! 


it had been a long time since i had been out to watch some live music.  it’s one of my favorite things to do, and my city gets some great bands coming through here.  i realized while i was sitting there drinking my shiner, swaying to the songs, and singing along that i missed it.  as corny as it sounds, it feeds my soul.


we are finishing up the second six weeks today!  it has had its challenges, but it’s still been a great year so far.  only about 126 days left!  🙂


and finally, this CMA performance….

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2 thoughts on “11•6 | high five for friday!

  1. Just found your blog through the linkup. I’m a teacher too and haven’t taken a day off yet this year. I’m itching for it! Hope you enjoy your trip! I look forward to reading your blog 🙂

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