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11•20 | high five for friday!

H54F with a tattooed teacher in texas


the most exciting thing that happened this week was that i got dixie chicks tickets.  yes, it’s nine months away.  and yes, it is an outdoor concert in the summertime in dallas.  but i’m so so so excited about it.  my cousin and i heard the news on monday and got into the tour club and everything so we could order early on tuesday.  i got on ticketmaster right on time and still half the seats were sold out.  it was insane.  but i got em!  11th row too.  can’t freaking wait! 


my first of two evaluations is done at school.  i still have some work to do before my post-conference meeting, but i’m just glad it went well and it’s over.

luckily, my kids were really good, but this scene always makes me laugh!


thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK, y’all.  my mama and i have been planning the menu and i’m so excited.  my sister is bringing some desserts, i’m making a pie, and we’re all pitching in for the food.  except for anything to do with that nasty turkey neck.  nope.  not happening.

happy thanksgiving


i have been on the hunt for tall boots for years now.  i always thought that i might look stupid in them, but tried anyway.  it was tough going though!  i couldn’t find any that really stood out to me and seemed worth buying.  but i finally did.  so i bought them in black and brown because that’s how i roll.  so cute. (i tried to find them to link them, but they must be only selling them in stores…)


sometimes you just need to escape for 45 minutes because the world is a crazy, crazy place.  instead of turning to food this week, i turned to some good ol’ Bravo.  this show below deck… it is the definition of an escape.  everyone is insane and suffering from cabin fever, and it’s completely entertaining.  (i had to buy a season pass on amazon since i’ve cut the cable core, but it was worth it.)

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4 thoughts on “11•20 | high five for friday!

  1. I’ve been wanting to watch Below Deck but was wondering if it was worth it. Hooray! Another show obsession! Dixie Chicks tickets!!! So exciting. That would definitely be a fun concert. And that Office meme – one of my favorite scenes EVER! Hope you have an awesome weekend!

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