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fall 2015 favorites.

monthly favorites

{favorite beauty items}  

jergen’s wet skin moisturizer – winter life-changer!  you put it on in the shower before you dry off completely.  it’s great!

fiber masks! despite my expression, i love ’em!  they’re just kind of weird.


neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair serum – i use it every other night because my skin is more dry in the winter and can’t handle it.

neutrogena healthy skin foundation – good for my dry skin in the winter.  i have to mix two colors right now (natural ivory and buff) because i’m in between.  i still love the loreal infallible, but it’s too matte for the winter.

maybelline matte lipsticks – i don’t care for the smell, but the colors and lasting power are worth it.  i like daringly nude and touch of spice right now.

the perfect mascara combo!


{favorite eats}

evol meals – when school is in session, i’m busier.  some weeks more than others.  i get these skillet meals from target.  they are perfect.  it makes two meals so it saves me time.  plus it’s healthy and low calorie.

fresh eggs! – my friend kat has chickens in her backyard.  they are spoiled beyond belief, and the eggs show it.  they taste so good.  i eat some variety of eggs for dinner pretty often.

{favorite reads}

northanger abbey by jane austen – i like this marvel version.  it’s a quick read.

life as we knew it by susan beth pfeffer – this is the first book in a young adult series.  i’m always interested in dystopian young adult books and this one didn’t disappoint.  i finished it in two days! there are three more books in the series.

never knowing by chevy stevens – i loved still missing so i was excited when i got my hands on this one.  i’m not quite done, but it is an interesting mystery.

{favorite new music, tv shows, movies}

sense8 – i was turned onto this netflix show by my sister.  it’s not usually something i would like, but i found it fascinating.  it’s a fun show.

master of none – i’ll watch anything with aziz ansari in it, but this netflix show is amazing.  it’s funny and insightful.  i’ve already watched the whole season twice.

the last kingdom – i watch this bbc america show on amazon prime.  it’s sooooo good.  but you have to like the history genre.  it’s complicated and i even had to go look up some stuff for more info.  but if you like history’s the vikings, you’ll like this one.  it’s set in the 1000s in northern england and is about the vikings and early british people fighting over territory.

how to get away with murder – i wasn’t sure about this abc show until i actually concentrated and watched it closely.  it’s a great mystery.  i watched the first season on netflix and then caught up with it on hulu when the second season started.

the mindy project – this hulu show is as good as ever!  it made the move from fox earlier this year.  mindy is so funny.

the man in the high castle – this amazon show is based in the 1960s but in an alternative time.  we lost world war II and the US is occupied by the nazis and the japanese.  it’s very interesting and entertaining.

1989 by ryan adams – he took taylor swift’s 1989 album and redid it.  it shouldn’t work and yet it was beautifully done.

the b side by sean mcconnell – i love indie music, and this guy is great.  some of it is fun, and some of it is beautiful and sad.

i recently got back into listening to the jillian michaels podcast.  it keeps me focused on my health goals and teaches me new things.

{favorite words}






{my own favorite posts}

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fall favorites tag

{favorite posts from other bloggers}

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{most memorable moments – the good and bad}

monthly brunches with girlfriends!

rodeo with the fam.


applied for grad school, got in, and now i’m preparing for next semester!


i settled with the insurance company over my car accident.  i used the money that i got from it toward my house down payment.

i’m $200 away from my house down payment goal.

i tried bible journalling.


i set up my retirement account.  yep, i feel like a grown up now.

family art show.


blow party with my friend jess.


i’ve had a hard time staying on track and motivated with my health goals.  unfortunately, i’ve gained some weight.


seeing some live music


i got dixie chicks tickets.  good ones too.  11th row!


my sister weekend.  we had so much fun packed into a couple days.  we’re definitely going to have to do it again soon.


my fall evaluation is over and done with.  i still have some work to do to complete it, but it’s a relief!


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