personal life

i’m thankful for…


{in no particular order}

my family who love me . food in my fridge . the safety of my home . my good health . my kitties’ cuddles . my parents who always lift me up . my suv for getting me places . a job that i actually enjoy . health insurance when i need it . my beautiful little sister who i get closer to each year . clothes in my closet . my God who loves me no matter what . my friend Kat and our long and weird conversations . money in my bank account and savings . my creativity . facebook. my curly hair. my intelligence . my students who drive me crazy . my college degree . my bible journaling and planner journaling hobby . people who make me feel less alone . my living grandparents and the ones who had to leave too soon . summers off . the relatively mild weather in Texas . my fierce independence . my cousin Lauren who is always there for me . my mostly clear skin . going back to school for my Masters . the freedoms I have living in the US as a woman . my laptop and Internet connection that connect me with friends and family everywhere around the world . reality tv shows that make me feel “normal” . my mama still saying she loves me “oodles and bunches” . my phone that connects me . my little cousin Lylli who lets me be her auntie . my sensibility . beauty products that help me feel pretty . my friend Amber who listens and gives great advice . monthly brunch with the girls . inspirational books . the experience of other teachers . my organizational skills . the canyon . my never ending curiosity . YouTube videos . online gradebooks . my Texas . my kindle . my friend Holly who is always supportive and makes me laugh . instagram . coffee . holidays . movies . pies . my shoe collection . my middle sister Chase who shows me the world through a child’s eyes . birchbox each month . soldiers and the police who protect us . target . my washing machine and dryer . email and texting . my mom’s quilts that keep me warm and my bed pretty . pizza . craft projects that distract me . my work peeps

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