random crap

questions a texas might ask…

are we skipping fall this year?

can i bring beer to a gender reveal party?

how many hours will it take to get there?

what stinks?? do i have dog poop on my shoe? nope, it’s just the feedlot. 

where is winter?  oh yeah, there it is… (as the wind blows in one random day in november)

where is the real country music anymore?

why isn’t texas independence day a holiday?

can you have too much chips and queso?  answer: no.

why does shiner give me a headache when i love it so much?

oh, there’s a tornado in november?  yeah, okay…

can’t we all just forgive the dixie chicks already?

who’s playing on saturday night?

wanna go for a hike at palo duro?

brisket or smoked chicken?  can i have both?

where’s the blue bell?

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