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thursday’s thought



credit: @laurensletters
uh huh.



i have gained back those ten pounds that i lost in october.  i lost my way in november.  i’m still working my way back.  it’s all uphill.  all the time.  and it’s only getting worse as i get older.  that was reaffirmed by my gynecologist when i saw her last week.

as the end of the year nears, it’s natural to think about new goals and to reflect on the past year’s goals.  soooooo…..  i didn’t meet them.  i’m not surprised.  there were some roadblocks and stresses. not that i’m using those as excuses.  i don’t really have an excuse.  i have had my moments this year, but i’ve got to really make my health a priority.  i’ll set some specific goals at the end of december, but for now, i just want to be active five times a week and try for only two “treat” meals a week.  i can’t commit to sticking with those statements, but i am going to try my best.


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