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teaching tip 58. making it halfway.

the year is halfway over!!  i hope it went well for everyone.  if it didn’t, there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel.  only a few more days, and you’ll get some time off.

everyone needs a break, especially teachers.  don’t ever feel guilty for enjoying yourself and the time away.

christmas break

christmas break is a time to recharge.  luckily, my school has built in a teacher workday in january to get ready for the second half of the year.  if you don’t, then just take a few hours or a day to refocus and plan for the spring semester a few days before you go back.

this is a good time for a new start, even if it’s in the beginning of the year.  i wrote this post last year and it still rings true.  you can almost start over at semester.

so take some time for yourself and your family.  then begin thinking about how you want to change things and what you want to plan for the last half of the year.  reflect on your successes and failures.  but don’t dwell on the defeats.  it comes with the territory no matter how many years you’ve been teaching.  do think about the victories.  what made them great?  what made it work so well?  will you try it again?  what will you change?  these are all good questions to think about, and reflection is key to grasping a positive attitude for the second half of the year.  the spring semester will go faster than you think so it’s always good to look ahead but also back.

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