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thursday’s thought

thursday's thought with a tattooed teacher in texas

november was a difficult month for me.  i don’t know if it’s the winter blues or what, but i just felt blah  i lost some of my creative inspiration and motivation.  i realized that i have to kind of force myself to do it because it’s good for me.  i need to express myself and let out my emotions creatively. one of the ways that i do that is through my planner journaling, lettering, and doodling.  a friend sent me this video from cbs sunday morning.  (side note: that show is incredible every week.)  i always feel like doodling helps me to check out – in a good way.  i can see how doodling can be seen as disrespectful during meetings and stuff.  there’s a fine line, i think.  if i’m doodling on topic, it helps me stay focused.  but if i’m just randomly doodling, it seems to distract me.  i wonder if it’s different for other people though…

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