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12•18 | high five for friday!

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i got my performance pay check yesterday…and immediately put it in savings.  it was a blessing to get it.  and today is the first day of winter break!!  the first semester was a good one, but i need those two weeks to recharge.

winter break


all of my presents are wrapped and beside my tree.  my tree is too small for them to fit under.  🙂  i love the paper i found this year.  they kind of match.  and i finished them with some white gauze ribbon.


i have been rewatching downton abbey in anticipation of the new and final season that is starting in anticipation of the new and final season that is starting in january.  i had forgotten some of the events from the first couple of seasons.  and the snarky upper class comments – love ’em!!  it’s such a great show.



this past friday, i had an extended happy hour with my cousin and her husband.  it was good to catch up and let loose for a bit.  they were stressed and needed it.  and i had a great time!



i freaking love matt bellessai.  his weekly videos make me crack up every time.  i hate holiday shopping, and he nailed it with this week’s video.


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