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another new start

i was recently looking back at some old posts that i wrote about my health.  one thing i noticed right away was that i completely fell apart in 2015.  i was very focused in 2014, but this past year just didn’t go so well.

y’all…it’s getting harder and harder to stay healthy.  as i get older, i have a more difficult time staying injury free, eating healthy, and staying up on my workouts.  i think i had good intentions in 2015, but as the year went on, it just fell apart.  i hate to admit it, but honestly, i gave up.

so for 2016, i’m going to be adamant about setting monthly goals.  i’m not going to be sharing my measurements anymore just because it feels private at the moment.  i’m not ashamed of the weight that i’ve gained, but i’m not proud of it either.  i need to focus on it by myself for a little bit.  and then maybe i’ll be open to giving monthly updates like i used to.

for 2014 and 2015, my personal mantra was breathe. believe. battle.

i still love that mantra.  the post-it is still on my mirror.  but i chose these three words for 2016: courage, gratitude, and creativity.  these words can be used in all areas of my life including my health.  i want to have the courage to go after what i want for my body without apologizing for it.  i want to be grateful for the body i’ve been given and work with what i’ve got.  and i want to be creative with the foods and workouts that i’m choosing.  i lose interest easily so it’s important for me to mix it up.

to begin, i want to start small.  for january, i am going to be active for five days, 30 minutes a day.  i think that this is an attainable goal.  i got a new zumba program that i’m excited to try out.  zumba never lets me down.  it’s fun and intense.  i think it’s a good thing to begin with.  then for february, i want to move up the time and intensity.  i have lost all of my muscle…and i miss them.  the jiggle is real, y’all.  i hate it.

okay, so that’s the plan.  it will be slow but hopefully steady.

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