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happy new year!  this past year has been a strange one.  i can’t say it’s been bad though.  i discovered and accepted some different things about myself this year.  like the fact that i am more creative than i give myself credit for.  or that i want more from my job than just teaching.  or that i want to be a mother regardless of if i ever find a husband to share the experience with.  for once, i am excited (and simultaneously terrified) of the future.


luckily, i got to spend a little time with some of my family during christmas.  but unfortunately, i didn’t make it to the big family christmas.  the weather didn’t cooperate, and i wasn’t feeling up to fighting it.  until next year!

my little tree came down this week. it was strangely bittersweet. like the end of an era. next year, i’ll have a big one in my new home.  🙂


i ended up being snowed in for a few days.  yeah, snow.  they called it “goliath”.  it didn’t end up being as bad as it was supposed to be, but it still made things messy around here.  there’s still huge piles of snow all over the place and ice on the roads at night.  but it was kind of nice to netflix and literally chill for a couple days.  now that it’s over though, i want to get out. of. the. house.  #cabinfever



during said snow in, i devoured this book.  i got it for christmas and read the entire thing all the way through.  i plan on doing it again.  i’ve always been interested in people’s stories.  the instagram and Facebook feeds give me a fix, but the book just draws me in on a different level.


since i had some free time this week, i completely redesigned my blog.  it seemed like a good time to do it.  it took me about ten hours total, but i’m very pleased with how it came out.  it better last me a long time because i’m not doing anything with it for awhile!


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