happy blogiversary to me!

i’ve had this little blog for three years now.  it’s the not first blog i’ve had.  i’ve actually been blogging for about fifteen years now.  it all started with diaryland way back in the day.  oh, the teenage angst… i wish i still had it just because i’m curious about what in the hell i wrote about.

then came my second blog in college.  i didn’t put much effort into this blogger blog, but i did have it for years and years.  i wrote about college life and my first few years of teaching.  again, it was a little angsty and immature.  but then again, i was in my early 20s.  who isn’t a little angsty and immature.  🙂

then, i abandoned that blog for this one.  it took me several months to figure out the direction that i wanted to go.  so i rebranded and designed my blog how i really wanted it all along.  i focus on a few different things: health struggles, planner journalling, teaching, etc.  but it’s definitely a lifestyle blog.  i don’t feel like i have to limit myself, and that’s the best part.  just this week, i redid all of my banners and buttons.  it feels fresh and ready for another year.

i decided early on that i wanted to make my blog a priority.  i spend time each week writing and researching.  i should say “researching” because it’s usually not heavy content.  i also spend time on the aesthetic feel. just this week, i redid all of my banners, buttons, and the overall look of my blog. I love how it turned out. 

although i don’t have to have the biggest following, i have some loyal readers.  some of them are family and friends, but most are complete strangers.  even though all of my experiences haven’t been the best, overall it’s been a positive adventure.  i’ve met and connected with some pretty amazing people through this crazy blog world.  i can’t wait to see what the next year holds in the blogosphere.

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