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december 2015 favorites.

monthly faves from

{favorite beauty items}  

too faced hangover replenishing primer – i need a little more moisture in the winter and so i switched my primer.  i love this primer!  it’s so great.  it’s still light, but provides a little extra moisture after my moisturizer.

laura mercier translucent setting powder – it’s finely milled and feels so light on the skin. i use it under my eyes and my t-zone after concealer. it’s a little drying so i might switch to a different powder until winter is over. i can see this being awesome in the summer.

loreal true match lumi cushion foundation – i am intrigued by all Korea beauty trends, especially cushion foundations. so i grabbed this drugstore one up when i saw that it was released. i really like it. i need all the hydration and luminosity i can get right now, and this light foundation does it for me.

neutrogena moisture smooth color stick in warm caramel – it’s like a tinted lip balm with a sheer and subtle color.  i like the fresh papaya tint for the summer

{favorite eats}

beans in the crockpot – when it’s cold, i want chili, soup, or beans.  i try a different variation every time, but it’s always good.  my favorite is bacon and onions sautéed with some sliced sausage and then different types of beans added in.  so so good.

biscuits in the skillet – it really makes the best biscuits in my opinion.  they’re flaky but still crusty on the sides and bottom.  must have something to do with all the butter.  🙂

{favorite reads}

humans of new york: stories by brandon stanton – i follow humans of new york on instagram and facebook religiously.  the stories and photos are so intriguing to me.  so i put this book on my christmas list and got it.  i have already read the entire thing once through and see myself rereading it over and over.

the art of whimsical lettering by joanne sharpe – another christmas present.  what i was surprised to learn is that when lettering i need to play with my own handwriting instead of trying to imitate others.  there are also great visuals and suggestions for supplies.

never knowing by chevy stevens – i loved still missing so i was excited when i got my hands on this one.  i’m not quite done, but it is an interesting mystery.

{favorite new music, tv shows, movies}

broadchurch season 2 – so so so good!  the first season was such a good mystery so it was a no brainer when i saw that netflix released season 2.  too bad i have to wait another year for season 3, which is supposed to be the last.

making a murderer – what a fascinating story. so many mistakes were made and even more to cover them up. it’s weird and sad that such blatant injustices still happen in the US.

front row seat by the josh abbott band – i’ve always liked josh abbott but with this album, i have a new respect.  it’s incredible.  you can tell he really poured his heart and soul into it.  there are sixteen songs but they are divided into five acts, with each one a different stage of a relationship.

traveller by chris stapleton – i’m late to the train on this one, but i’m so glad i bought this album.  he kept showing up on my pandora, and i would tap the screen each time to see who it was.  my cousin’s husband is obsessed with him and kept talking about him.  finally, i bought the album and listened to it over and over during a five hour drive.  it’s so good, y’all.

serial season 2 podcast – i loved the first season so i have high hopes for this one.  i’m not sure if i love it as much as the first one yet, but i’m still hooked.

sword and stone podcast – every time i’m in the car alone, changes are i’m listening to this crime podcast.  there have been times when it’s been a little too intense, but i’ve really enjoyed it.  it sucks me in and makes the drive go by quickly.

{favorite words}

{my own favorite posts}

peek inside my planner | november 2015

questions a texan might ask

teaching tip 58. making it halfway.

new EC planner layout

thursday’s thought: doodling

i’m thankful for…

fall 2015 favorites.

haikus for coffee

i wish i could stand with everyone.

{favorite posts from other bloggers}

what to do if you’re not feeling the christmas spirit by the storyline blog

jesus, save christmas by jamie the very worst missionary

this is why i have cats by sota is sexy

a little brow help by the beauty department

the beautiful necessity of tears by the storyline blog

{most memorable moments – the good and bad}

christmas morning with some of my family, but missing the big family christmas due to a snow storm

i got my performance pay check this month.  i put it all in savings.  i’m still wondering if i’m going to leave it there or buy a new iMac?

starting to research single parent domestic adoptions…and it’s terrifying in the best possible way.

the school year is halfway over!

winter break

ugly christmas sweater gender reveal party with my cousins


gaining even more weight.  i kind of gave up there toward the end of the year.  but what is january for if not new years’ resolutions!?


redoing my blog style, header, and buttons.  it feels fresh.

thanksgiving with my family


my last year with my little christmas tree. i think it’s time to graduate to a big one!


christmas shopping!  and overspending…

monthly brunches with girlfriends!


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