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1•8 | high five for friday!

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this week, i’ve really been focusing on resetting and establishing new goals and new plans.  as i anticipated the new year at the end of december, i thought that it would be painful and difficult.  but i’ve been pleasantly surprised.  it feels natural, like i’m picking up where i left off…with some extra pounds.  but overall it’s been a positive thing.


i celebrated my 3rd blogiversary on sunday.  🙂  it’s been fun ride.


back to school this week…  thankfully, we had a workday on monday so i could kind of ease back into it.


this new shirt… 🙂  so fun.  i’m using it as a workout shirt, but i would totally wear it out.


new year’s was such a silly and fun time.  if i tried to explain it, you’d think it was weird.  but it involved some hard root beer, 40s of red’s apple ale (big mistake!), dressing up my cousin’s husband as a hipster for no apparent reason, dancing to records, singing at the top of our lungs, and dressing like my 11 year old cousin for lunch with a hangover.

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