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teaching tip 59. you can love it and hate it at the same time.

i’m starting grad school soon.  i’m excited and scared, but i’m ready for the work.  and i’m ready to have it done already.  i was thumbing through the textbook for my first class yesterday, and it made me reflect on a few things.  it breaks down curriculum into the tiniest details.  i’m not always interested in the details, but i understand that they’re important.

it made me think about everything teachers do each day.  sometimes i will go a long time without recognizing about how hard my job is. with some experience under my belt, i know what to do and i do it.

but then there are inevitably those minutes, hours, days or even weeks when you realize that it is in fact hard. sometimes it will come on slowly.  but it will usually smack you right in the face.

you’ll question your school, your students, your administration, and your job itself. cue the google searches of different careers. maybe you’ll even update your resume. you might even cry.  if you’re me, you’ll definitely cry.

but the moment fades and you fall back into your teaching routine and everything is right in the world even for a little while. you find new inspiration and ideas. you go to workshops and conferences. you further your education. you just become better.

but this is important: if gray cloud sticks around for too long, it might be a sign that you need to try something else. that’s not a bad thing. it happens to every teacher at some point whether it’s a few years in or retiring in your old age.

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