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how i plan a theme week in my EC life planner

i don’t normally do specific theme weeks, but it’s fun to do every once in a while.  i bought an adorable weekly kit from elliebeth designs uk of the wizard of oz, which is my middle sister’s favorite movie and i thought i’d give it a go!  it didn’t turn out exactly how i wanted, but i only used half of the kit so i’ll have another shot at it.

1.  i start by checking my monthly calendar and my phone for any appointments or events. i also add in things with post-its so there may be future events already noted on the week.

2.  then, i decide on a theme. i use the monthly color scheme as a guide and go from there. i choose my washi and stickers.

3.  i separate the weekend with washi and add a weekend sticker. i also use washi as decoration.  i like to tape off about half of the thankful thought box because it seems so big.  so here is a blank week with a little washi tape and a weekend banner:

4.  i label my sections. school is always at the top. i use the left sidebar for my running weekly to dos. the bottom bar is for my health notes.

5.  i then go in and add in my appointments, events, and the weather as well as decorative stickers.  but not too many!  i don’t want to run out of space.  i know that i hate writing in the wednesday boxes though because it’s awkward with the coil so i tend to put something there.

5.  at the end of the week, i fill in any white space with washi or stickers. 

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