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1•29 | high five for friday!

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this is my 500th post, and i’m beyond excited to be featured as the H54F featured blogger this week!  how exciting!  i’ve been participating for several years now, and i still love sharing my week and getting a peek at how other people spent theirs.  during good weeks, it is a simple celebration.  and during bad weeks, it kind of forces me to choose the positive over the negative.  click HERE to link up with the girls!


i love my sister, but we rarely get to see each other.  if we’re lucky, it’s a few times a year.  we’ve tried skyping before but there were always technological difficulties.  so when i got my new imac set up, we tried again and … success!  it was so much fun.  we plan to do it more often.  and bonus – we organized a little sister get-together during my work trip to austin in march so i get to see her soon!

this is us back in november during our sister weekend at the alamo draft house!


i’ve been keeping careful track of my fitness and food intake in january.  i wanted to get back on track so i wrote some very detailed goals using the jillian michaels goal pyramid format.  and lo and behold, i’ve stuck with them.  i’m starting to see some changes and it’s motivating me and pushing me forward.   i will be taking my measurements and writing new goals for february this weekend.  i just need to tweak a few things.



i have been a chelsea fan for a very long time and i was crushed (okay, that’s a little dramatic) when she quit her show on E!.  i was waiting impatiently for her netflix series, and it was finally released this past weekend.  of course, i had to watch it immediately.  and i loved it.  it’s still got her sass and sarcasm, but there was a seriousness and thoughtfulness that i wasn’t expecting.  it was great, and i totally recommend it!

chelsea does


i knew i didn’t want to do anything this weekend so i called up my cousin and we just relaxed with a couple of brewskis.  but before that we hung out at her husband’s soundcheck at a dive bar down on route 66.  there is something about music played by talented people in a crappy bar that relaxes me.

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10 thoughts on “1•29 | high five for friday!

  1. Happy 500th post! I need to Check out Chelsea this weekend. Taking your measurements when trying to lose weight is such a good motivator. Its those numbers that sometimes matter more than the ones on the scale. Good luck!

  2. Sooooo excited for our trip in March! I’ve already started researching things to do and places to eat! Skype is definitely awesome… Now we just need to get Mom on board! 🙂

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