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teaching tip 60. avoid burnout. 

  • don’t take stuff home unless it’s absolutely necessary.  i made this mistake my first and second year.  i thought i needed to.  in reality, i was just inefficient.  that comes with experience.  you are a teacher, but that’s not all you are.
  • take a break during the day.  even if it’s only for a few minutes, go get some coffee or tea.  read something you actually want to read.  check your instagram.  chat with a friend.  then get back to work.
  • don’t feel like you need to go to every extracurricular activity.  it is not necessary to go to every. single. event.  you might look good to the kids, but you’ll be exhausted and overrun.
  • write reflections.  it’s important to look back and really think about what worked, what didn’t, and where to go next.
  • don’t try to be the perfect teacher.  there’s always one teacher at every school that wants to be the most liked and exciting teacher.  don’t be her.  nine times out of ten, she’s not happy.  find your balance.  find you.
  • separate your feelings in a healthy way.  you will hear stories that will break your heart.  you’ll be passionate about a certain thing your school is implementing.  you will get sucked into the drama. but try to keep a healthy separation between you and the goings-on of your school.
  • get out of your room.  sometimes it’s as simple as walking out your own door.
  • enjoy your work friends.  you will spend 8 hours a day with these people.  find the good ones and stick with them.
  • have fun at school.  i spent an entire afternoon one day with the principal and resource officer scaring other teachers by jumping out of a gigantic box.  yeah, it was a waste of time, but we needed to laugh.
  • music is a great escape.  there’s rarely a moment when i don’t have music playing in my classroom.  it’s usually pandora or my own collection.
  • use a calendar and to-do list to keep on top of everything.  organization saves me.  it keeps me sane.  even a simple list next to your computer can be a gentle reminder of what you need to get done during the week.
  • take a day off.  and don’t feel guilty about it.  we all need a break even if it’s just to go to the dentist and run errands.  or if it’s to sleep in and not think about school for a day. 🙂
have you seen this show?! it’s hilarious!! and pretty true to life.

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