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2016 health goals update

i got really serious and recommitted to my health at the beginning of january.  i don’t know why i just gave up in 2015, but i did.

i let myself go.

when i would vent or express concern over it, most people said, “i can’t even tell you’ve gained 20 pounds!”  but i could.  and every time i heard that, my heart squeezed a little bit because i saw the pictures.  i knew it wasn’t good.  so in my head, i thought – i’ve looked like this for the past year?!

but i know better.  i know that i feel better about myself when i am healthy and taking care of myself…and frankly, when i’m about 15-20 pounds lighter than what i started january first with.  i know my body and my mind, and i know that i am a better “me” all around at a different size.  more balanced, more confident and outgoing, and more energized.

so i set up my goals for january.  and you guys!!  i stuck with them!!  i’m so impressed with myself.  not only do i feel better, but i’ve already dropped about 7 pounds and a couple inches in various spots.  it has inspired and pushed me to go forward.

here are my january goals that i conquered!


i’m switching it up just a little bit in february.  i’m actually lowering my daily calories from 1600 to 1500.  i’m only doing this to anticipate the inevitable plateau and a trip to austin in march.  but i probably will be upping it in again next month.  i also want to incorporate more strength training.  i want to be aggressive right now, and i know i can still do a good job in a healthy way with a little less calories.

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