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2•5 | high five for friday!

H54F from tattooedteacherintexas.com


this week was all around craptastic.  this below pic represents me on wednesday.  🙂  by thursday, i knew it was looking up though!


i turned in my first grad school paper this past week.  i was kind of nervous because i’ve been out of school for a long time (read: rusty).  but i got an A.  it helped to boost my confidence.  this is one of the most challenging things i’ve ever done, and i know i’m just getting started.


i set my goals for february.  i revised them just a little bit from january.  the progress is encouraging!



as promised in my january favorites, i started my new mindy kaling book.  i’m a little late, but i’m here now!  i love mindy kaling and her voice through writing.  she really captures everything that i want to say as an independent woman in her 30s but she does it in a very thoughtful and funny way.


after a particularly challenging week, i’m excited to have a little fun this weekend.  i’m heading to a mardi gras murder mystery party with a friend!  we are so into this.  my character is “the lady in the pink mask”.  here’s a sneak peak!  i love that it’s a kitty cat! 😉

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