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2•12 | high five for friday!

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after last week, i needed a better one.  first off, the weather was gorgeous!  it almost seemed like spring.  and although it was a long week, it was smooth and productive.


the mardi gras murder mystery party was a success!  so fun and adventurous!  i want to try it again now that i know what to do.  there’s several more coming up to try.


who wore it better?! after seeing a picture of me in my mask, the cat lady from the 80s and 90s is all i saw.


last week sucked, but spending friday night listening to music and drinking some beers with friends made it okay.  my co-worker and friend, bob happens to be a classically trained paino player and he’s amazing!


valentine’s day is right around the corner.  there’s so many good lines from “sex and the city” that could work, but i love this one.  i was way too bitter last year for no good reason.  this year, i feel much better and more at peace.  i am going to miss celebrating galentine’s day with my friend jess (who recently got engaged)!  we had so much fun.  but love is love and that’s what valentine’s day is about, right?  and i happen to have lots of it in my life.


i was doing SO well with my health goals until this past weekend.  i fell apart.  i blame my monthly visitor.  copious amounts of chocolate were required.  🙂   i got it all back together this week though!  but i’m so tired now.  i definitely deserve a rest day!

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2 thoughts on “2•12 | high five for friday!

  1. great quote from sex and the city- one of my favs! so glad i came across your blog in the linkup! hope you’ll stop by mine! happy vday weekend friend!

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