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teaching tip 31. just know that teachers are insane

we’re all just a little crazy.  bonkers.  insane.  kooky.  nuts.  wacky.  loony.  cuckoo.  batty.  i think you get it…

you kind of have to be when you think about it.  you’re surrounded by small (or not so tiny in the case of my high school students) humans who would rather be doing something else… anything else! … than be in your classroom learning about history or chemistry or literature or god forbid, math.

but we choose to go back and start all over again every. damn. day.  and we actually enjoy it most of the time.

however… over the years, i’ve met some pretty over the top characters.  like screws loose over the top.  i had one teacher tell me she was just decommissioned from the CIA and was able to talk about her past secret agent missions now.  by the way, she hid in an alligator’s mouth (to be fair, she’s a tiny woman) to escape capture once.  she also CC’s herself on every email she sends out.  i don’t understand…  crazy.  a different teacher brought a kitten to school along with its litter box and tried to get away with keeping it in her classroom.  crazy cat lady.  another teacher had a photographic memory and would amaze me with his skills every day at lunch.  crazy impressive.  while another was basically a touring rock star and partied like one too back in the day.  crazy cool.

and then there’s the screw-ups… the tattle-tales, the adulterers (sometimes with other teachers at your school, ew), the wanna be comedians, the train wrecks, the blunt educators who think it’s their job to be everyone’s spokesperson, the medicated, the alcoholics, the overachievers, the gossips.  to be honest, we’re all kind of screw-ups at one point in our careers.  we’re still real people.

just know what you’re getting into.  they’re probably going to be some of the most amazing people you spend a part of your life with.  but in some way, they’re still going to be bat-shit crazy.

UPDATED 2.16.16

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