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thursday’s thought

thursday's thought with a tattooed teacher in texas
i hate working out.  i know it’s good for me, but who really wants to do it?  if you are that person, you are a freak.  and i mean that in the nicest way possible.  i have to force myself to do it every day.  ugh.

but then a friend shared a little quote she’d seen on facebook today.  it said something like – “workout because you can.  some people can’t.”  and it hit me right in the gut.  i’m pretty sure i said “dammit.  that’s true.”

so i decided to make a list to remind myself why i workout…


  • it makes me feel better physical
  • it’s a challenge
  • it’s good for my mental health
  • muscles!
  • it boosts my confidence
  • it’s my thinking time
  • it’ll make me live longer
  • it makes me sleep better
  • it connects me to other people
  • of the post-workout high
  • i can

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