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2•19 | high five for friday!

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valentine’s day cards from my mama and sister!  i love them both, but the chocolate one cracks me up.  🙂


my february birchbox was beautiful!  i liked everything but didn’t love them.  the shower gel was just…shower gel.  the mask was kind of cool, but i like pretty much every mask.  the cheek tint will be pretty for the spring and summer.  the lip liner is a nude color and pretty versitile.  serums are usually too heavy for my fine hair, but half a pump of this one is good.


the walking dead is back!!!  and shit got real. like really real. will michone and rick get back on track now that blonde girl is out of the way? will coral be okay?  how much more of his mind will rick lose? so. many. questions. but two things are for sure… maggie and glenn are reunited and it feels so good! and daryl is still bae (he’s the only person i refer to as that). 


several people i know just recently got new tattoos.  and it got me thinkin’…  i think it won’t be for awhile, but i want to do something inspired by shel silverstein’s books the missing piece and the missing piece meets the big o.  you can watch videos of the stories HERE.  below are some inspiration pics.  i think i might do the back one.


we are officially 2/3 of the way through the school year.  it seems like it’s taken forever and a blink at the same time.  i guess it’s always like that.  there’s one thing i know for sure though… i need a freaking break.  my patience is wearing thin, and i’m losing motivation.  i usually get my second wind after spring break.

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