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2•26 | high five for friday!

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harper lee passed on this week.  the reason i’m putting it on this list of good things is because i’m grateful for her and her works.  she was an amazing although illusive person.


in one week, i’ll be prepping for five days in austin.  i’m lucky enough to go to the south by southwest edu conference.  it’s supposed to be amazing.  and i’m excited my sister is going to join me for a couple days of my trip!

 SXSW edu


last thursday, my best friend kat and i took off and ended up going to two concerts in one night.  we took off friday because we’re old and can’t handle that crap very well anymore.  it was only supposed to be one concert, but i was being bratty and begged for both strangetowne AND uncle lucius.  luckily, she wanted to too.  the cover charges were horrific, but the music was worth it!


if you haven’t checked it out yet, go watch 11.22.63 on hulu.  holycrapitssogood!!!  i’m a history buff anyway, but this steven king miniseries has a twist – time-travel.  the main character is a history teacher who goes back in time to try to prevent the kennedy assassination.  AND it turns out that the past is a vengeful a-hole.  it’s so great!

 11.22.63 on hulu


i love this quote… and with being sick and stressed, it’s fitting.  🙂

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